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Bi Metal Band Saw Blades

We offer six different band saw blades for cutting metal. These blades are all manufactured by MK Morse in the US. Each model is designed to cut specific shapes and types of metal so make sure to read the profiles of each.

The Matrix II bandsaw blade is a general purpose metal cutting blade. It offers a great value for small maintenance and metal frabrication shops.

The Challenger blades are designed for long life and straight cuts. These bi metal blades reduce noise and vibration when cutting structural materials. They are ideal for bundle cuts, interrupted cuts, I-beams, low alloy steels and carbon steels.

The M42 band saw blades are made for medium to high production bandsaws. They are ideal for cutting solid and heavy walled metal structures. You can use these bi metal blades to cut carbon steels, alloys steels and some stainless steels.

The Independence II, Independence EXS and the Morse Achiever are all bandsaw blades for high production cutting. These blades offer superior wear, heat and shock resistance. These bi metal blades can be used to cut Solids of tool steel, nickel based alloys and all machineable metals.