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Customer Testimonials

Product: 1/2" .025" - Matrix II General Purpose Band Saw Blades Posted By: N/A
I recently purchased a used band saw with a broken blade. I purchased a matrix ll general purpose blade from G &M. The blade arrived very fast. It was in a box that had very good instructions printed on the box of Do's and Don'ts and the different blades they offer as well. So far I am very satisfied with the blade. It fit the machine and is a quality product that cuts very good on all of my mild steel I used it for. The customer service is also a 10 in my book. - Customer Unknown


I want to tell you that your blades have changed everything. I was ready to throw this saw in the trash until I found you guys. I'm fairly green with the band saw so any suggestions you have are appreciated. I use it  for cutting out decoy bodies out of 4" juniper and heads out of 2". I am using the 1/4" for the heads because of the tight turns and the 3/8 for long straighter cuts. The 1/4 doesn't work very well for the long straight but it could also be the tpi and such from what I've read. — Chris J.

Very good blades that perform in an excellent manner.   Customer Unknown    

The blade that we ordered, works well and fit perfectly. We'll definitely use you again! - T3 Investments

I will highly recommend anyone buying band saw blades here    Brendon  was so helpful and responsive in guiding me  in the purchase  and  I will always  trust what they sell   I'm a believer   big time - Roger E

Workmanship is very important.  And it may seem a little thing, but on inspection of the resistance butt weld and subsequent grinding to dress the weld location, it was apparent that the person doing so gave great care as to the finished thickness.  Maybe there was a jig to control this, or maybe not.  Bottom line, good quality.  Installed blade and it ran quiet and true.  And it performed as expected. - R Wilson

I was extremely pleased with the support and insight that I received from Chet and the front desk. Great company to work with! I'll be back. – Lee

My experience with USA Bandsaws was very good. The purchase was easily executed, the shipping was fast and, most importantly, the product is excellent. I highly recommend your product and service to my friends. — Rodrigo

I think your site works perfectly.  It's very easy to find what I need, and ,yes ,I will be using your services for as long as you are there for me.  — Thanks,  Dan 

Very happy with your site and service.  My 1936 Delta bandsaw uses a blade size not found on the shelf at Home Depot or Lowes.  I got the new blade from USA almost by return mail.  This enabled me to continue cutting Pinewood Derby cars for my Cub Scouts.  — Barner

Thanks for a great product. The blades have been working great and last so much longer than our old supplier. Keep up the good work and BUY AMERICAN! — Al

I like that brand and style band saw blade, I went cruising the internet and found your sight. It was a very good price on the blades. Your service was very good . The cobalt ms blade is hard to fine here, no one carries them locally. I will be calling on you again when I need some more blades. — Tim

Thanks so much, my first time buying from you , the price is very good and so far the blade seems to work perfect.
I will be back when I need blades again. – Steve

The blade perform above my expections and am very pleased. – Darryl

This baby Rips. Cuts great no matter. Sharp and easy to control in pretty tight curves. Service was great. Shipped FAST – Chuck

If you've been using dull blades or cheap blades that don't hold their edge, be careful the first time you cut lumber with this blade - it cuts so fast that there is so little resistance that you're liable to run you hand through the blade! I cut firewood with this blade for shop heat, and it basically turned my band saw into a chainsaw. - Anonymous

I put the new blade on the band saw, inspected the welded joint looked great. The blade cut great also – Anonymous

Expert Advice - We kept burning up blades, their rep advised me how to adjust our blade speed slower, and their less expensive blade is lasting! - Big Tool Box

Just received my order! Thank you blades work awesome! Now I can finish wooden Christmas gifts! - Roger O

I was figuring on 3 days to get here from Pennsylvania so right on time. Looking forward to years of future business. I`ve been using "Bandsaw Blades Direct" for several years , and wish I had gone with you guys. Your turn around time for bandsaw blades is fantastic! Thanks again. - Mike