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Wood Cutting Band Saw Blades

MK Morse makes three different band saw blades for cutting wood and nonferrous metals. Quiksilver Carbon Furniture blades are used specifically for cutting wood, chip board, plywood, cardboard. These wood bandsaw blades are used on a variety of large, vertical and high speed wood cutting band saws.

Quiksilver Carbon Hard Back blades are stiffer and offer the versatility of cutting both wood and non-ferrous metals. These blades are made to cut all varieties of wood, plastic and cork as well as brass/copper, bronze, aluminum, and lead cutting.

Lastly, we offer Quiksilver Carbon Flex Back Blades. These bands are ideal for wood production cutting. They are more fatigue resistant than Carbon Hard Back blades and offer a low cost per cut in wood. These bandsaw blades can also be used to cut plastic, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and low allow steel