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Quiksilver Carbon Hard Back Blades

These wood bandsaw blades are stiffer and offer straighter cuts when cutting wood & cutting metal. When cutting metai, these bands are used for short production and maintenance applications.

Blade Features:

  • Manufactured from a single piece of high carbon steel with individually hardened tooth tips
  • Low cost-per-blade/low cost-per-cut in wood & similar materials
  • In metals; low cost-per-blade/higher cost-per-cut than bi-metal
  • Stiffer than hard edge flex (HEF) bandsaw blades due to a hardened & tempered backer
  • Straighter cut with heavier feed pressure than carbon HEF
  • Good on easy-to-machine metals and other easy-to-cut materials
  • Not recommended for blade speeds exceeding 4000 sfm


  • Low alloy, easy-to-machine ferrous metals
  • Non-ferrous metals: Brass/copper, Bronze, Aluminum, Lead
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Cork
  • Composition board
  • Plywood