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Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades

MK Morse offers a variety of carbide tipped band saw blades. These industrial band saw blades provide high performance cutting to increase productivity and lower costs. There are four primary product categories:  M-Factor General Purpose, M-Factor Foundry, M-Factor Case Hardened and M-Factor Exotics.

  • The M-Factor General Purpose carbide tipped band saw blade is a general metal cutting blade used to cut alloy steels, solids, stainless, and thick wall tubing.
  • The M-Factor Foundry carbide tipped band saw blades are designed to cut aluminum castings, composite materials, rough cutting of abrasive wood and plywood.
  • The M-Factor Case Hardened carbide tipped bandsaw blades are designed to cut case hardened steel used in niche manufacturing applications such as automotive parts and metal cylinders and bearings.
  • The M-Factor Exotics carbide tipped band saw blades are used in steel service centers, automotive part makers and cylinder manufacturers to cut inconel, hastelloy, stainless steels and other difficult alloy metals.