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The Morse HAVOC Demolition (formerly the McRipper) reciprocating saw blade is specifically designed for "roughing in" applications on the construction site. This blade will cut through all types of wood, wood composites, metal, and nail embedded wood. 

Blade Features:

  • Available in .062" thickness which provides rigidity for more stable cutting in wider cuts.
  • Available in 7/8" blade for increased rigidity and heavier feed pressure.
  • Tapered blade body best for pludge cutting.
  • Straight tooth pitch for fast cutting.
  • Reinforced, positive rake 6 TPI tooth design is high impact resistance and more aggressive cutting.
  • Bi-metal construction for long cutting life and heat and wear resistant.


  • General demolition, wood, nail-embedded wood, roofs, walls, metal studs, wallboard, plaster, lath